Wednesday, February 04, 2015


2015 02 04 "Grant" #OW

Grant is a gift of money for some purpose, usually academic, such as toward tuition or for research.  Grant has other meanings as well.

Grant looks like a big fat check.

Grant sounds like ka-ching!

Grant smells like money

Grant feels like success

Grant tastes like the fancy steak dinner I'll be eating if I get that grant!

Rhymes with : A ant, aunt, attenuant, D depreciant, FL fluctuant, G grand-aunt, great-aunt (etc.), I insouciant, irradiant, issuant, K continuant, L luxuriant, M menstruant, miscreant, O officiant, otiant, P permeant, PR procreant, R recreant, renunciant, resiant, V variant BANT bant, Corybant BRANT brant, celebrant, Rembrandt CHANT chant, disenchant, enchant DANT commandant, confidant, confidante, consolidant FANT elephant, hierophant, oliphant, sycophant, triumphant GANT A arrogant, E elegant, extravagant, I inelegant, irrigant, K congregant, L litigant, M mitigant, O obligant, S suffragant, T termagant GRANT block grant, emigrant, immigrant, integrant

I might like you better if you gave me a grant
If you don't have the funds you could ask your aunt
If she's too poor, hell, try your great aunt
If you don't come through I'll never forget, like some grantless elephant