Saturday, February 07, 2015


2015 02 07 "Giftwrap" #OW

Giftwrap is usually decorative paper used to cover a present.

Giftwrap looks like a long roll of very thin, fragile paper, about 2 1/2 wide, with various decorative designs.

Giftwrap sounds like a long piece of tape being unspooled from a tape dispenser, scissors cutting paper, paper being folded over the box, and the "ooohs" and "aaahs" of the gift recipients.

Giftwrap smells like paper.

Giftwrap feels like flimsy paper that tears as you unwrap the package.  Sometimes you try to remove the paper carefully to wrap another gift.  Sometimes you rip the paper with glee.

Giftwrap tastes like newspaper.

Rhymes with : BAP bap CHAP chap, old chap, young chap DAP dap DRAP drap FLAP earflap, flap, flipflap FRAP frap, unfrap GAP agape, gap, gape, stopgap HAP hap, mayhap, mishap JAP Jap KAP ASCAP, BL blackcap, bluecap, F foolscap, forage cap, H handicap, hubcap, HW whitecap, I icecap, K cap, M madcap, mobcap, N kneecap, nightcap, P percussion cap, R redcap, recap, SK skullcap, SN snowcap, T toecap, U uncap, W wishing cap KLAP afterclap, beclap, clap, thunderclap KRAP crap LAP burlap, dewlap, halflap, catlap, lap, Lapp, overlap, semordnilap, unlap MAP photomap, map NAP genapp, genappe, horsenap, catnap, kidnap, knap, nap, nappe, surnap PAP pap, genipap RAP enwrap, rap, wrap, unwrap SAP homo sap, sap, winesap SKRAP scrap

I'll gladly purchase  giftwrap
But I won't pay to have my gift wrapped
That's too cold, too impersonal for me -- I'm a good chap
If you ever see me pay to have my gift wrapped, check the heavens for a thunderclap
Or better yet, don't bother 'cause I'm NEVER doing that crap!