Thursday, February 26, 2015


2015 02 26 "Flash" #OW

Flash is the light that helps your camera take a picture with more light.

Flash looks like a blinding white light that comes and goes in a moment.

Flash sounds like a whirring and an explosion of light.

Flash smells like powder burning.

Flash feels like an electric thrill that disorients you.

Flash tastes like your upper lip, cause you bit it in your surprise.

Rhymes with Flash: ASH ash, mountain ash, weeping ash BASH abash, bash, earbash, calabash, squabash, Wabash BLASH blash BRASH brash DASH balderdash, bedash, interdash, pebble-dash, rondache, slapdash, spatterdash, splatterdash FASH fash FLASH photoflash, Syncroflash GASH gash HASH hache, rehash KASH encache, encash, cache, cash KLASH clash KRASH crash LASH backlash, frontlash, goulash, whiplash, eyelash, calash, lash, throatlash, unlash

You blinded me with your flash
That's the reason for the crash.
And now I have whiplash
And everything tastes like goulash!