Tuesday, February 03, 2015


2015 02 03 "Exuberance" #OW

Exuberance is being filled with excitement

Exuberance looks like a winning contestant on The Price Is Right.

Exuberance sounds like, "Oh, maaaan!  All right!"

Exuberance smells like adrenaline mixed with fear mixed with excitement.

Exuberance feels like a winning hand in poker when the pot is large and you know your last opponent is gonna fold.

Exuberance tastes like a banana split you got for free.

Rhymes with : PANS expanse PRANS prance RANS A aberrance, D deliverance, F furtherance, I ignorance, intemperance, intolerance, PR preponderance, protuberance, R rance, S severance, sufferance, T temperance, tolerance, U utterance, V vociferance SANS impuissance, complaisance, conversance, puissance, reconnaisance SKANS askance STANS happenstance, inconstance, circumstance, stance TANS A acceptance, D disinheritance, E exorbitance, expectance, H heritance, I inductance, inhabitance, inhabitants, inheritance, K concomitance, conductance, O oscitance, PR precipitance, R reluctance, remonstrance, repentance TRANS entrance, penetrance, recalcitrance, remonstrance, trance, outrance VANS advance, irrelevance, relevance ZANS defeasance, complaisance, malfeasance, obeisance, recognizance

Pardon my exuberance
Didn't know I'd be feeling this in advance
Did know I'd win so big when I took that chance
But now you know how glad I am that you accepted when I asked you to dance
That's my stance now that we're gonna dance -- I can't contain myself -- now watch me prance!