Monday, February 02, 2015


2015 02 02 "Dance" #OW

Dance is graceful movement, often to music

Dance looks like a ballerina leaping and twirling, or newlyweds celebrating their nuptials.

Dance sounds like the hottest hits of the day.  It can be fast or slow.

Dance smells like sweat and perfume, and powder on the ballerina's shoes.

Dance feels like heat and excitement.

Dance tastes like sweat.

Rhymes with : ANS A anse, appliance, D discontinuance, I insouciance, irradiance, issuance, K continuance, KL clairvoyance, L luxuriance, P permeance, perpetuance, pursuance, R radiance, S seance, suppliance, V variance BANS disturbance BRANS encumbrance, remembrance CHANS bechance, chance, mischance, perchance DANS ascendance, avoidance, barn dance, break dance, dance, death dance, folk dance, impedance, country dance, courting dance, mating dance, misguidance, square dance, tap dance, witch dance FRANS France GANS arrogance, elegance, extravagance, inelegance GLANS glance, side glance HANS enhance, hance, hanse JANS allegiance KANS askance, insignificance, significance LANS ambulance, demilance, fer-de-lance, jubilance, lance, nonchalance, petulance, sibilance, simulance, vigilance MANS manse, romance

Would you like to dance?
Barn dance, Break dance, Folk dance?
Country dance, courting dance, mating dance?
Oh, let's dance!  It's our best chance for romance!