Monday, February 23, 2015


2015 02 23 "Bootlace" #OW

Bootlace is a length of string used to help keep boots on.

Bootlace looks like string with bits of plastic at each end.

Bootlace sounds like string slipping through aglets and then being tied into a bow.

Bootlace smells like feet.

Bootlace feels like string.

Bootlace tastes like cloth.

Rhymes with Bootlace: orthoclase, periclase sucrase enlace, interlace, catalase, Queen Anne’s lace, lace, Lovelace, populace, relace, cellulase, shoelace, unlace grimace, mace, Mace tenace apace, footpace, carapace, quarterpace, lipace, outpace, pace birthplace, displace, fireplace, hiding place, commonplace, marketplace, misplace, place, plaice, replace, resting place, showplace, trysting place B boat race, CH channel race, chariot race, D dog race, DR drag race, E erase, F foot race, H headrace, horse race, I in media res, L land race, M mile race, millrace, marathon race, O auto race, R race, res, rat race, S sack race, T tail race, TH three-legged race (etc.) Alsace aerospace, airspace, backspace, breathing space, inner space, hyperspace, interspace, outer space, space anatase, phosphatase, invertase, lactase, maltase, pectase Samothrace, Thrace retrace, trace transvase, vase

Watch and be amazed as I tie my bootlace
I do it so fast you'll think I'm in hyperspace
I try to be careful -- I don't want to break on vase
If you practice practice practice -- one day you'll match my pace!