Thursday, February 19, 2015


2015 02 19 "Barn" #OW

A Barn is a structure for storing horse, cattle, sheep, and sometimes chickens.

Barn looks like an enclosed structure that is not wintertight generally.

Barn sounds like horses neighing, cattle calling, sheep baaing, and chickens clucking.

Barn smells like hay and dung.

Barn feels like home (if you're a horse, cow, sheep, or chicken).

Barn tastes like horse, beef, shawarma, and chicken.

Rhymes with Barn:  imbarn darn, goldarn, goshdarn incarn, lucarne l’arn Marne consarn tarn yarn

Were you raised in a barn?!
The way you act sometimes makes me wanna say, "Darn!"
Or sometimes, "Goshdarn!"
If you were a genuine sheep at least you'd give me some yarn!