Tuesday, February 24, 2015


2015 02 24 "Ass" #OW

An Ass is a horselike animal.  Or a rude person.  Or the buttocks region.  Or the buttocks region of a rude horselike animal.

Ass looks like a horse, but smaller.

Ass sounds like, "Braaaay!"

Ass smells like butt.

Ass feels like horseflesh.

Ass tastes like ass.

Rhymes with : AS alias, Boreas, habeas, jackass, paterfamilias, pancreas, Pythias BAS anabas, bass, contrabass, octobass, rubasse BRAS brass, brasse FAS volte-face FRAS frass, sassafras GAS bagasse, degas, fougasse, gas, megass, noble gas, syngas GLAS FL flint glass, G gallowglass, GL glass, I isinglass, eyeglass, L looking glass, M magnifying glass, minute glass, O object glass, hourglass, SP spyglass, ST stained glass, W waterglass, weatherglass GRAS aftergrass, eelgrass, grass, coup de grace, crabgrass, peppergrass, sparrowgrass KAS fracas

Oh, you're such an ass!
I know when you're about to go off -- don't need an hourglass
You think you rule the roost like some self-absorbed paterfamilias
You won't be so smug when I deliver the coup de grace.