Saturday, February 21, 2015


2015 02 21 "Art" #OW

Art is stuff like paintings and sculptures and what-have-you.

Art looks like a painting of a Campbell's soup can or those dogs playing poker.

Art sounds like, "Shh!  No talking in the art museum!"

Art smells like wet paint and plaster of Paris.

Art feels like tacky paint or marble.

Art tastes like paste.

Rhymes with : modern art, op art, pop art, stateof-the-art, video art (etc.) Bart chart, flip chart, rechart, unchart dart, indart fart, sparrowfart Bernhardt, faintheart, flintheart, greenheart, hart, heart, lionheart, stoutheart, sweetheart, unheart à la carte, cart, quarte, Descartes, dogcart, dumpcart, gocart, uncart, watercart clart jumart, mart apart, depart, dispart, forepart, impart, counterpart, mouthpart, part, rampart, repart assart, Mozart, sart outsmart, smart astart, head start, kick start, restart, redstart, upstart TÄRT apple tart, sugar tart, tart

She dresses like a tart but is that Art?
Don't just think at me -- use your mouthpart
I get that she really tried to look nice but she's no Mozart
Anyway, enough of this art talk -- let's find a hot dog cart.