Wednesday, February 18, 2015


2015 02 18 "Arm" #OW

Arm is that thing that hangs off your shoulder before your hand.

Arm looks like an "L" or a "V".  It looks like a lowercase "l" if you keep it straight.

Arm sounds like farting noises if you do it right.

Arm smells like underarm odor -- sweat.

Arm feels like skin and bone and muscle.

Arm tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with :  axle arm, D disarm, F firearm, forearm, I inarm, KR crossarm, O overarm, R rearm, S sidearm, U unarm, underarm, Y yardarm barm becharm, charm, decharm, disencharm, countercharm, love charm, uncharm gendarme aquafarm, farm, county farm, poor farm harm, unharm alarm, false alarm marm, schoolmarm smarm tharm gisarme

Don't be alarmed as I flex my arm
I mean no harm
It's just mesmerizing like a lucky charm
Keep it single file, ladies -- please don't swarm!