Sunday, February 01, 2015


2015 02 01 "Ankh" #OW

Ankh is an Eqyptian symbol of life.

Ankh looks like like a cross topped by the eye of a needle.

Ankh sounds like trank, rank, or Frank, with a silent, "H."

Ankh smells like puppies and kittens.

Ankh feels like farm animals frolicking in the spring..

Ankh tastes like chicken or a potent energy drink.

Rhymes with : BANGK banc, bank, data bank, embank, claybank, mountebank, nonbank, river bank, sandbank, savings bank BLANGK blank, Mont Blanc, pointblank BRANGK brank CHANGK chank DANGK dank DRANGK drank, outdrank FLANGK flank, outflank FRANGK franc, frank, Frank HANGK hank KLANGK clank, reclank KRANGK crank, recrank LANGK lank PANGK hanky-pank PLANGK gangplank, plank PRANGK prank RANGK disrank, enrank, outrank, rank SANGK sank SHANGK foreshank, greenshank, redshank, shank, sheepshank, scrimshank SHRANGK reshrank, shrank SKANGK skank SLANGK slank SPANGK spank STANGK outstank, stank

I've been thinking about Death's ankh
Would you see it if you walked the plank?
Would it appear before your eyes if you were shot pointblank?
Or right before you washed up on the riverbank?
Because the ankh is a symbol of life is wearing it Death's little prank?