Monday, February 02, 2015


2015 03 02 "Angel-faced" #OW

Angel-faced refers to someone with beautiful facial features.

Angel-faced looks like an angel.

Angel-faced sounds like harps playing and choirs singing.

Angel-faced smells like marshmallows and fairy dust.

Angel-faced feels like heaven.

Angel-faced tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Angel-faced:  aced abased, based, baste, debased, lambaste, self-abased  braced, embraced, unbraced, unembraced  chased, chaste, unchased, unchaste  apple-faced, B babyfaced, baldfaced, barefaced, bold-faced, BR brazen-faced, D defaced, dirty-faced, dish-faced, doughfaced, double-faced, E effaced, F faced, furrow-faced

Oh, look at you -- so pretty -- angel-faced
You're as cruel as you wanna be -- all your sins erased
You're a wanton libertine -- but people think you're chaste
And the lies you tell -- baldfaced!