Monday, February 09, 2015


2015 02 09 "Air" #OW

Air is the stuff around us that we breathe on Earth.

Air looks like leaves blowing on the wind.

Air sounds like, "whoosh!"

Air smells like whatever is most prevalent in the environment, whether cows in the country or smog in the city.

Air feels like the wind blowing on your face.  It can cool you off on a hot day or freeze your fingers in the cold.

Air tastes like the bugs that fly into your mouth on a windy day if you're not careful

Rhymes with : Aire, Ayr, Eir, e’er, ere, eyre, heir, H howe’er, HW whate’er, whatsoe’er, whene’er, whensoe’er, where’er, wheresoe’er, J jardiniere, K co-heir, M mid-air, P portiere, PL plein-air, PR premiere, V vivandiere  B bare, bear, bugbear, F forbear, forebear, K Camembert, cudbear, M misbear O overbear, THR threadbare, U underbear, upbear blare  armchair, chair, chare, highchair, wheelchair, pushchair, rocking chair, sedan chair,  bedare, dare, Kildare, outdare  A affair, CH chargĂ© d’affaires, F fanfare, fair, fare, fieldfare, funfare, K county fair, L laissez-faire, M Mayfair, misfare, S savoir faire, ST state fair, TH thoroughfare, U unfair, V Vanity Fair, W warfare, welfare  flair, flare

Do you think it's fair to belittle the air?
If you, I'll take you on whene'er and whate'er
From my rocking chair I live with savoir faire
But when you diss my air you invite warfare
I'll fight with flare regardless of the fanfare!