Sunday, February 22, 2015


2015 02 22 "Ace" #OW

An ace is generally one of the 4 most valuable cards in a deck of playing cards (unless the Joker is more valuable)

Ace looks like a capital A.

Ace sounds like cards being shuffled.

Ace smells like paper covered with wax.

Ace feels like waxy paper.

Ace tastes like paper and wax.

Rhymes with Ace: ambsace, casease, nuclease, protease, ribonuclease abase, base, bass, debase, free base, wheelbase, contrabass, octobass, subbase, surbase brace, embrace, mainbrace, unbrace, underbrace, vambrace chase, enchase, steeplechase dace, dais, oxidase, peptidase, vendace  A aface, angel face, B baby face, boldface, boniface, BL blackface, D deface, E efface, F face, FR frogface, HW wheyface, I interface, K catface, O outface, P paleface, pigface, pippinface, PL platterface, R reface, typeface  begrace, disgrace, grace, scapegrace  B basket case, bookcase, BR briefcase, E endcase, encase, K cardcase, case, KR crankcase, N notecase, nut-case, S seedcase, SH showcase, SL slipcase, SM smearcase, ST staircase, T test case, typecase, U uncase, W watchcase, Y ukase

There's an old saying: "He played the King like he was expecting someone else to play the Ace,"
I don't mean to be rude or get in your face
But I'm telling you this because you tend to hesitate -- you even pause before reaching for the bookcase
But if  you can't change if you live your life like this you'll wind up a basketcase.