Tuesday, February 17, 2015


2015 02 17 "Aardvark" #OW

An Aardvark is a small mammal that lives mainly in Africa, living on ants and termites.

Aardvark looks like an armadillo without the scaly hide.  The most famous aardvark is Cerebus.

Aardvark sounds like a squealer.

Aardvark smells like dirt and bugs.

Aardvark feels like something you wouldn't want to touch.

Aardvark tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Aardvark:  amusement park, ball park, dispark, eparch, hipparch, impark, park, repark, toparch, unpark hierarch, Petrarch, tetrarch, xerarch exarch, sark blacktip shark, blue shark, bullhead shark, dog shark, dusky shark, hammerhead shark, white shark, landshark, leopard shark, porbeagle shark, shark, shovelhead shark spark aristarch, stark yark Ozark

"Cerebus" is an aardvark
Meant to be called "Cerberus" but his name changed on a lark.
Cerebus was a fighter -- tougher than any shark
If he had played baseball he could have ruled the ball park.