Saturday, January 17, 2015

We'll Likely Grind Until You Boo-hoo

"We'll Likely Grind Until You Boo-hoo" #JSLAY

We're just getting started, and it feels so grand
Dry-humping you, well, that's my plan
And as long as you're willing, we'll likely grind until you boo-hoo

I feel your sweaters
I take my time
I like spending time with you, it feels so good whenever we grind
I'm gonna distract you so you don't poo-poo
We'll likely grind until you boo-hoo

When I'm your lover
No one else will do
You'll have to admit me if your feelings are true
'Cause you like grinding, too

So come on baby
Let me have my way
Let my hard-on keep you company
I could grind on you all day
Now I'm gonna keep begging till you'll let me do
That thing I like to do with you
Don't make stop baby, oh, don't you boo-hoo
If you're a good girl, I'll let you taste my goo