Tuesday, January 06, 2015


2015 01 06 "Thatch" #OW

Thatch is a kind of roofing material.

Thatch looks like straw.

Thatch sounds like entropy.

Thatch feels like scratchy straw.

Thatch tastes like grass.

Thatch smells like cow-dung.

Rhymes with thatch: BACH bach, batch BRACH brach HACH hatch, crosshatch, nuthatch KACH catch, seacatch KLACH kaffeeklatsch, coffee klatch KRACH cratch LACH latch, potlatch, unlatch MACH match, mismatch, overmatch, rematch, shooting match, undermatch NACH natch PACH dispatch, crosspatch, patch, tolpatch RACH rach, ratch SKACH scatch SKRACH scratch SLACH slatch SMACH smatch SNACH baudersnatch, snatch TACH attach, detach, tache

Don't want a roof made of thatch
That's about as classy as a pornstache
It's not my style -- me and thatch are a mismatch
I want thatch about as much as a girl with poison in her snatch