Thursday, January 01, 2015

Split Pea Madness

"Split Pea Madness" #JSLAY

And I don't know exactly the recipe but
Says here in the book of soups that it involves peas
Split I guess if you please
One hand on a pot another on a pan
Yet a third doing something -- something grand
We'll have a taste test to know it's all right
We'll be having split pea soup tonight!

Maybe I'll have just one bowl
(Yeah, right!) For this soup I'd sell my soul
Or, maybe
I'll share a bowl wit' you, baby

We share our madness
Split pea madness!

Two pea halves will be split tonight [4x]

"Mm, mm good" is the truth 'cause
When I have split peas I feel so high
Now we're full, filled-up eaters

And we sing when we feel this good
Ate more soup than I thought I could
I'd love some more, oh, yes, I would!

Maybe I'll be on top
Love you crazy till you say, "Stop"
Get out of our clothes before our buttons pop
Oh, righty
You look good out of your nighty
We'll stay in bed, why take a car
I'll love you right here, here where we are

We share our madness
Split pea madness!
(Four bowls made it all good tonight)

We ate 'cause we just
Love to eat the split pea soup
Ate all the food now can't leave the coup
Poop it out in the morning then try to regroup
We have soup love in common so here I'll stay
Tomorrow we'll make love together all day!