Saturday, January 31, 2015


2015 01 31 "Mustang" #OW

Mustang is a type of horse.  It's also a type of car.

Mustang looks like a giant pony.

Mustang sounds like, "Neigh!"

Mustang smells like horse poop and hay.

Mustang feels like sore legs and walking bowlegged for a week.

Mustang tastes like chicken

Rhymes with : SPANG spang SPRANG resprang, sprang STANG stang SWANG swang TANG orangutang, sea tang, tang TWANG twang VANG vang WANG burrawang YANG Pyongyang, yang

Have you ever ridden a Mustang?
Is that horse the yin to your yang?
Does it make you sing higher, with a twang?
Would you rather have a pony or an orangutang?