Saturday, January 31, 2015

Morn Is Praised (Reprise)

"Morn Is Praised (Reprise)" #JSLAY

Now I'm just here to praise the rays
That come with the start of each day
I like the sun's rays on my face
I'm glad the dawn of this morning is here

I don't seek the high life, fortune or fame
I try to do right, do the things I should do
I don't treat life like some silly little game
Please join me in praising morn, why don't you?

Now as I get dressed, as I put on my graith
I think about long-lost friends and about lost lovers
I wonder if I were the sun's rays, would I be a wraith?
Could I change direction or would I just hover?

Now I don't care where you were born or raised
Just think about that blackbird and you'll agree
When I say this morn should be praised
So don't put up a fight just sing along with me
Morn is praised
Morn is praised
Morn is praised