Friday, January 02, 2015

Milky Way

2015 01 02 "Milky Way" #OW

The Milky Way is a galaxy.

The Milky Way looks like a glob of stars rotating like a giant misshapen wheel in space.

The Milky Way sounds like the music of the spheres.

The Milky Way tastes like nougat and caramel mixed with nuts in a thin covering of cheap chocolate.

The Milky Way feels like the void of space.

The Milky Way smells like star stuff.

Rhymes with Milky Way: A airway, archway, aweigh, B beltway, byway, BR breakway, bridleway, Broadway, D doorway, DR, driveway, E expressway, entryway, F fairway, footway, FR freeway, G Galloway, Galway, gangway, gateway, getaway, guideway, H halfway, hatchway, headway, highway, K cableway, causeway, cogway, cutaway, KL clearway, KR crossway, cruiseway, L leeway, M midway, Midway, motorway, N Norway, O overweigh, outway, outweigh, P passageway, pathway, R railway, roadway, runaway, runway, S seaway, cycle way, someway, subway, SK skidway, SL, slipway, SP speedway, spillway, ST stairway, steerageway, sternway, stowaway, STR straightaway, straightway, T takeaway, tideway, towaway, TH that-a-way, thereaway, THR throughway, TR tramway, U underway, under way, underweigh, W walkway, waterway, way, weigh, wellaway, wey

Come with me through the Milky Way
It's bigger and vaster than any old walkway
You can't see it all standing in your doorway.
We can't stop now -- we're only midway!