Wednesday, January 14, 2015


2015 01 14 "Mag" #OW

A mag, or magazine, is a printed publication that typically specializes in some area of interest and is published on a regulary basis (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.).

A mag looks like an oversized paperback on glossy paper and usually has lots of pictures.

A mag sounds like paper flapping in the breeze.

A mag is usually quiet except for the excited utterances of the reader over some interesting tidbit.

A mag tastes like paper.

A mag feels like paper.

A mag can also be a container for bullets to be fired from a gun.

Rhymes with Mag: FLAG battle flag, flag FRAG defrag, frag GAG gag HAG demihag, fag hag, hag, hellhag, night hag, old hag JAG adjag, jag KAG cag KRAG crag KWAG quag LAG jet lag, lag NAG Brobdignag, knag, nag RAG bullyrag, chew the rag, on the rag, rag, rowlyrag, shag-rag SAG sag SHAG abishag, shag SKAG skag SKRAG scrag SLAG slag SNAG snag SPRAG sprag STAG stag SWAG swag TAG ragtag, tag VAG vag WAG chinwag, scalawag, wag, wagwag, wigwag ZAG zag, zigzag

I read this mag
Got it as free swag
Not that I'm a chinwag
Where others zig, I'm gonna zag!