Wednesday, January 07, 2015


2015 01 07 "Lemonade" #OW

Lemonade is basically water with lemon juice and sugar.

Lemonade can be a variety of colors, mainly yellow, depending on additional flavors added.  There is pink lemonade.

Lemonade can be sour (from the lemon) to sweet (from the sugar).

Lemonade can sound like glass breaking (if you drop your glass).

Lemonade feels like water.

Lemonade smells like lemons and sugar.

Rhymes with Lemonade, : ade, aid, aide, co-aid, Band-Aid, firstaid, hand-aid, ginger-ade, limeade, orangeade  bade, bayed, forbade, gambade, obeyed  blade, Damascus blade, grass blade, twayblade  abrade, abraid, braid, brayed, unbraid, upbraid brandade  fade  flayed, unflayed  afraid, defrayed, unafraid  brigade, dragade, renegade  everglade, glade, moonglade  A aggrade, B Belgrade, D degrade, downgrade, GR grade, grayed, P palmigrade, PL plantigrade, R rectigrade, regrade, regrayed, retrograde, S Centigrade, T taligrade, tardigrade, U ungrayed, hade,  wheyed, bejade, jade

I like lemonade
I like Kool-Aid
But I don't want a Band-Aid
In my glass, I'm afraid.