Saturday, January 24, 2015


2015 01 24 "Jam" #OW

Jam is a mixture of fruit pulp or crushed fruit, sugar, and pectin.

Jam looks like a primary color with little seeds in it from the fruit.

Jam sounds like jello squishing between your toes.

Jam smells like whatever fruit it's made from -- apple, strawberry, blueberry, or whatever.

Jam feels like jello squishing between your toes.

Jam tastes like fruit and sugar.

Rhymes with Jam: JAM demijambe, doorjamb, enjamb, jamb, jimjam KAM cam KLAM hardshell clam, clam, littleneck clam, mud clam, razor clam, softshell clam, steamer clam KRAM cram LAM lam, lamb MAM ma’am, Mam NAM Vietnam PAM pam PRAM pram RAM battering ram, dithyramb, marjoram, ram, rhamn SAM Assam, cheong-sam, Samsam, Uncle Sam SHAM sham SHRAM shram SKAM scam SKRAM scram SLAM slam SPAM Spam SWAM swam TAM tam, tamtam TRAM tram YAM yam, Omar Khayyam ZAM alakazam, Nizam, shazam, zam

I like jelly I like jam
But don't serve me jam or jelly made from Spam!
I don't care if I'm in Korea, Iran, or Vietnam
If you offer a tasty jelly, I'll say, "Thank you, Ma'am!"