Monday, January 12, 2015


2015 01 12 "Hovercraft" #OW

A hovercraft is a transport that moves by forcing air currents or other esoteric means other than wheels.  Hovercraft are still not practical machines.  The "hoverboard" was featured in Back to the Future Part 2 but still has not been perfected.

A hovercraft looks like a weird car without wheels.

A hovercraft is usually very loud if it uses air, but could be quiet if it used antigravity or electromagnetism.

A hovercraft feels like a car.

A hovercraft is not something you should taste.

A hovercraft smells like a car.

Rhymes with : AFT aft BAFT abaft, baffed CHAFT chaffed DAFT daft, daffed DRAFT draft, overdraft, redraft GAFT gaffed, ungaffed GRAFT allograft, engraft, photographed, graft, graphed, ingraft, lithographed, autographed, paragraphed, telegraphed HAFT haft KRAFT A aircraft, antiaircraft, F folkcraft, H handcraft, handicraft, hovercraft, KR Chriscraft, craft, M metalcraft, mooncraft, N needlecraft, PR priestcraft, R rivercraft, S seacraft, ST stagecraft, starcraft, W witchcraft, woodcraft RAFT raft SHAFT shaft STAFT overstaffed, restaffed, staffed, understaffed

Oh, get me a good hovercraft
Cause I'm not into needlecraft
I'll take it if you have to use witchcraft
Don't look at me as if I'm daft!