Thursday, January 29, 2015


2015 01 29 "Heartland" #OW

The heartland is the part of the country where all the salt of the earth folks live.

Heartland looks like cornfields and other fields of grains and such.

Heartland sounds like threshers threshing, plows plowing, and grass growing.

Heartland smells like fresh country air (cow dung).

Heartland feels like small town life -- Mayberry and everybody knowing everybody else.

Heartland tastes like corn.

Rhymes with Heartland: LAND A abbeyland, B borderland, D Disneyland, DR dreamland, E eland, F fairyland, farmland, fatherland, GR grassland, Greenland, H headland, hinterland, Holy Land, homeland, I inland, KR crownland, KW Queensland, L land, Lapland, lotus land, lowland, M mainland, midland, moorland, motherland, N never-never land, no man’s land, northland, O overland, R Rhineland, T toyland, U upland, W wasteland, woodland MAND D demand, F full-manned, H half-manned, I ill-manned, K command, confirmand, countermand, M manned, R remand, reprimand, S self-command, summand, U unmanned NAND ordinand PAND expand, panned, repand PLAND planned RAND rand SAND ampersand, analysand, greensand, quicksand, sand SKAND rescanned, scanned, unscanned SPAND respanned, spanned, unspanned STAND bandstand, bedstand, grandstand, handstand, inkstand, kickstand, lampstand, newsstand, stablestand, stand, understand, washstand, withstand STRAND strand TAND retanned, tanned, untanned VAND revanned, vanned

John Mellencamp sings about the heartland
His lyrics never seem canned
Yet they're easy to understand
He makes you long for your homeland.