Wednesday, January 28, 2015


2015 01 28 "Hand" #OW

A hand is a thing at the far end of your arm used for grasping and manipulating objects.

A hand looks like four fingers and a thumb, unless it's badly mangled.

A hand sounds like fingers snapping or an audience clapping.

A hand smells like raw uncooked meat.

A hand feels like, whatever you want it to feel, man.  It's chill.

A hand tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Hand: and, Chateaubriand, waniand BAND A aband, armband, B band, banned, bellyband, BR, breastband, browband, D disband, H hatband, headband, I imband, N neckband, noseband, K contraband, R rainband, wristband, S saraband, SP spaceband, SW sweatband, TR trainband, W waistband, waveband BLAND bland BRAND brand, firebrand DAND dand, deodand FAND fanned, refanned GLAND gland, goat gland, monkey gland GRAND grand, integrand, Rio Grande HAND A afterhand, B backhand, behindhand, BR bridlehand, E even hand, F fine Italian hand, forehand, four-in-hand, Handhothand, L longhand, M master hand, minute hand, O offhand, overhand, S secondhand, second hand, SH shorthand, ST stagehand, U underhand, unhand, upperhand KAND canned, multiplicand, Samarkand KLAND clanned

Look at my hand
It helps me to drink my Chateaubriand
Or to put on my armband.
I don't think a hand should ever be banned!