Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ginger Ale

2015 01 20 "Ginger Ale" #OW

Ginger ale is a soft drink.

It looks like colored carbonated water with added sugar.

It sounds like soda pouring into a glass on a hot summer day.

It feels wet and sticky.

It smells like wet sugar.

It tastes sweet.

Rhymes with Ginger Ale: ail, ale, Baal, bail, bale brail, Braille Airedale, Chippendale, dale, quardeel, merdaille drail dwale fail, pass-fail flail frail farthingale, gale, galingale, martingale, nightingale, regale  engrail, grail, Holy Grail all hail, exhale, hail, hale, ylahayll, inhale  whale, narwhale  engaol, enjail, gaol, jail, ungaol, unjail kail, kale, percale quail

All hail Canada Dry Ginger Ale!
That's my holy grail
If it could sing it would sound sweet as a nightingale!
I don't just drink that Nectar of the Gods -- it's something I inhale!