Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Doggie Bag

2015 01 13 "Doggie Bag" #OW

A doggie bag is a box or bag used to carry leftovers home from a dinner in a restaurant with wait service.

A doggie bag looks like an ordinary bag or paper or styrofoam box.  In a fancy restaurant a doggie bag can get quite fancy, even so much as tinfoil wrapped to resemble a swan.

A doggie bag smells like whatever food it contains.

A doggie bag can make an alarming splat if you drop it.

A doggie bag can feel hard, or it can feel like a bag of puke.

A doggie bag hopefully tastes like a delicious meal, so delicious, in fact, that you may rather eat it yourself than give it to the dog, if you even have a dog.

Rhymes with : B bag, beanbag, body bag, D debag, F feedbag, FL fleabag, H handbag, K carpetbag, kitbag, M mailbag, moneybag, N nosebag, P postbag, R ragbag, ratbag, S saddlebag, W windbag, workbag BRAG brag, Fort Bragg DAG dag DRAG drag, wallydrag FAG fag, fish fag

Waiter, may I have a doggie bag?
See, I'm on my way to Fort Bragg
To find myself with no decent food there would be such a drag...
Forgive me for going on like an old windbag!