Thursday, January 22, 2015


2015 01 22 "Dame" #OW

A dame is a female type woman person.

In some contexts, a dame might look like that super-old lady who gets all the best one-liners on Downtown Abbey.

However, it's more fun to picture a dame as a sexy femme fatale in a tight red dress.

This dame smells like whiskey and cheap perfume.  (She doesn't smell like cigarettes because, hey, who wants to lick an ashtray?)

She tastes like butter.

She sounds like, "Yes, Daddy!  More, more, faster, harder!"

She feels soft although she keeps herself in shape and has firm muscles.

Rhymes with Dame:  aim blame melodrame defame, disfame, fame aflame, flame, inflame airframe, doorframe, frame endgame, game, videogame, wargame hame became, came, kame, overcame acclaim, declaim, disclaim, exclaim, claim, counterclaim, quitclaim, proclaim, reclaim crème de la crème lame  maim  byname, forename, misname, name, nickname, rename, surname, unname  same, self-same, Sejm S ashame, shame entame, tame, untame

Wow! That's some dame!
Not to sleep with her would be such a dame
I think it would be fun to play her game
Taking her to bed's my endgame