Monday, January 05, 2015


2015 01 05 "Crab" #OW

A crab is a sea creature with claws.  It's also a form of STD.

A crab looks like a little red monster about to eat you up.

A crab smells like the sea.

A crab smells like a skittering sea creature or fingernails on a blackboard.

A crab tastes like chicken.

A crab feels like the pain of being pinched or an unpleasant burning sensation.

Rhymes with Crab: AB abb, Joab, Moab BAB bab, baobab BLAB blab BRAB brab DAB bedab, dab, dhabb DRAB drab FAB fab, confab, prefab FRAB frab GAB baffle-gab, gab GRAB grab JAB jab KAB cab, pedicab, taxicab LAB lab, Skylab MAB mab, Mab NAB knab, nab RAB rab SHAB shab SKAB scab SLAB slab STAB stab TAB eartab, tab

Look at that crab!
Hailing a taxicab.
If I had a stick I'd give it jab.
Snatch it up and sell it to a lab!