Sunday, January 25, 2015


2015 01 25 "Champ" #OW

Champ refers to the winner of a competition, whether it be Muhammad Ali with the world heavyweight title, a little league baseball team, the blue ribbon trophy winner at a dog show, or a young girl winning a bakeoff at the state fair.

Champ looks like arms raised in victory, holding a trophy.

Champ sounds like the roar of the crowd in appreciation of the victor's valiant effort.

Champ smells like sweat and locker room grease.

Champ feels like success!

Champ tastes like hard work and sweat.

Rhymes with : AMP amp CHAMP champ DAMP afterdamp, blackdamp, chokedamp, damp, deathdamp, firedamp, whitedamp, minedamp GAMP gamp, guimpe KAMP decamp, encamp, camp KLAMP clamp, unclamp KRAMP cramp LAMP blowlamp, Davy lamp, electric lamp, gas lamp, kerosene lamp, lamp, safety lamp, signal lamp PAMP slampamp RAMP ramp SAMP samp SKAMP scamp STAMP backstamp, enstamp, restamp, stamp TAMP tamp, retamp TRAMP tramp VAMP revamp, vamp HWAMP whamp YAMP yamp

Baby, you're a champ
You're the greatest girl at camp
You've worked up a sweat -- you're really quite damp
You've even got sweat rivulets covering up your tramp stamp!