Monday, January 26, 2015


2015 01 26 "Campaign" #OW

A campaign is a directed effort to win something, whether an election, an argument, a request for money, or a girl's heart.

A campaign looks like a smarmy politician kissing babies and trying to destroy his opponent's reputation with innuendo and negative ads.

A campaign sounds like a loudspeaker perched on top of a pickup truck exhorting people to vote for whatever candidate.

A campaign smells like old newspaper after it's been used to wrap fished.

A campaign feels like a smarmy politician trying to kiss your baby.

A campaign tastes like cheap chicken at an expensive fundraiser.

Rhymes with :  ain, Aisne, ane, eigne, inane bane, bugbane, fleabane, henbane, herbbane, inurbane, cowbane, ratsbane, urbane, wolfsbane blain, chilblain brane, brain, endbrain, featherbrain, forebrain, hindbrain, lamebrain, membrane, midbrain, scatterbrain chain, enchain, interchain, rechain, unchain  Dane, deign, demimondaine, disdain, foreordain, intermundane, kadein, coordain, mundane, ordain, preordain, reordain, transmundane braindrain, drain, subdrain A allophane, aerophane, areophane, D diaphane, F fain, fane, feign, H hydrophane, L lithophane, M misfeign, PR profane, S cellophane, Sinn Fein refrain  again, gain, gaine, regain  against the grain, engrain, grain, grosgrain, ingrain, crossgrain, migraine  arcane, Biscayne, Duquesne, hurricane, Cain, cane, cocaine, Cockaigne, chicane, procaine, cinquain, sugar cane  crane, water crane, Ukraine  chamberlain, delaine, lain, laine, lane, procelain, chatelain, chatelaine  A amain, CH chow mein, D demesne, domain, H humane, I immane, inhumane, J germane, L legerdemain, M main, Maine, mane, mortmain, R remain, romaine, SH Charlemagne, T ptomaine  elecampane, frangipane, campaign, campane, counterpane, marchpane, pain, pane, propane, Champaign, champagne, windowpane  A aeroplane, airplane, aquaplane, B biplane, E explain, emplane, H hydro-plane, J gyroplane, K complain, M monoplane, multiplane, P peneplain, pursuit plane, PL plain, plane, S sailplane, seaplane, SH Champlain, SK skiplane, T taxiplane, tailplane, TR triplane, V volplane, W warplane

It's a winning campaign
Though it may seem mundane
The other guy's such a lamebrain
Plus we have a video of him snorting cocaine.