Thursday, January 01, 2015


2015 01 01 "Beret" #OW

A beret is a type of hat.

A beret looks like a little circle on top of the head.

A beret may make a soft sound if it hits the ground, but as it is made of cloth, any sound is muffled at best.

A beret smells like cloth, but may absorb the smells of the wearers shampoo or conditioner.

A beret tastes like cloth.

A beret is soft to the touch.

Rhymes with beret: A array, B beray, bewray, D disarray, F foray, G green beret, H hiphip-hooray, hooray, hurray, M Monterey, moray, MW moiré, P purée, R ray, re, S soirée, ST sting ray, X x-ray

Should you wear a beret?
You may choose from an array.
It helps to hide your hair when it's in disarray.
But it's not a good place to store a sting ray.