Saturday, January 10, 2015


2015 01 10 "Barmaid" #OW

A barmaid is a tavern wench.

A good barmaid wears one of those cleavage-enhancing bustiers that flatters her figure.

A barmaid smells like beer, booze, and fancy perfume.

A barmaid sounds like, "Would you like another, sir?  It's my pleasure to serve you!"

A barmaid tastes like chicken.

A barmaid feels oh, so, nice!

Rhymes with Barmaid: bondmaid, BR bridesmaid,
CH chambermaid, D dairy maid,
dismayed, H handmade, handmaid,
homemade, housemaid, M made, maid,
mermaid, meter maid, milkmaid, N
newmade, nursemaid, O old maid, P
pomade, R ready-made, remade, S sea
maid, self-made, serving maid, U undismayed,

Bring me another barmaid
If you treat me right maybe you'll get laid
I got plenty money -- I just got paid
Be good to me, baby, and you'll have it made.