Friday, January 30, 2015


2015 01 30 "Bang" #OW

Bang is a loud sound, made by a gun, or some other clashy thing.

Bang looks like the word "bang" in a colorful font over a garish word bubble on an episode of "Batman" starring Adam West and Burt Ward.

Bang sounds like "Bang!"

Bang smells like gunpowder.

Bang feels like a sudden chill down your spine that makes you jump.

Bang tastes like a bloody nose.

Rhymes with Bang: bhang, Big Bang, gang bang, gobang, interrobang, probang, shebang DANG dang, yardang FANG defang, fang, unfang GANG gang, gangue, holmgang, outgang, oxgang, sirgang HANG hang, overhang, uphang HWANG whang KANG cangue KLANG clang, reclang KYANG kiang LANG lang MANG mang, siamang NANG Penang PANG pang, trepang PRANG prang RANG boomerang, harangue, meringue, rang, serang SANG pisang, resang, sang SLANG boomslang, slang

A boomerang don't clang or go bang
Don't get me started on this latest harangue
You wanna calm me down, then serve me a nice meringue
Put me in your gang bang -- I ain't speaking in slang!