Sunday, January 18, 2015


2015 01 18 "Ax" #OW

An ax is a tool with a blade, typically attached to a handle.  The blade can have one sharp edge or multiple sharp edges.  The handle can be long or short.

An ax looks like a stick with a sharp piece of metal at one end.

An ax sounds like wood chopping.

An ax smells like sweat and wood chips.

An ax tastes like pain.

An ax feels terrible, like the loss of a vital limb.

Rhymes with : AKS ax, axe, battleax, battleaxe, coax, pickax, poleax DAKS addaks, Adirondacks FAKS facts, fax, Halifax FLAKS flacks, flax, toadflax JAKS Ajax LAKS Analax, lax, smilax, parallax, relax, unlax MAKS anticlimax, Betamax, Blue max, climax, Lomax, minimax, subclimax NAKS Fornax PAKS packs, pax, repacks, unpacks RAKS borax, hyrax, styrax, storax, thorax SAKS Sach’s, sacks, Saks, sax, Tay-Sachs SFAKS Sfax SLAKS slacks TAKS attacks, excise tax, income tax, overtax, sales tax, syntax, supertax, surtax, tacks, tax, undertax THRAKS anthrax, thrax WAKS beeswax, bewax, earwax, sealing wax, unwax, wax ZAKS zax

I chopped the firewood with an ax
When the enemy attacks I chop them with a battleaxe
When I attach a cable I do it with coax
I'm not making it up -- these are the facts!