Monday, January 19, 2015


2015 01 19 "Autodidact" #OW

An autodidact is someone who is self-taught.

Rhymes with Autodidact: AKT abreact, act, enact, entr’acte, coact, counteract, overact, overreact, react, reenact, retroact, underact, underreact BAKT backed, humpbacked, hunchbacked, rebacked, saddle-backed, stoopbacked, unbacked BRAKT bract DAKT redact, theodidact FAKT artifact, fact, in fact, matter-of-fact FRAKT defract, diffract, fract, infract, catophract, refract HAKT hacked, unhacked PAKT epact, impact, compact, pact RAKT cataract, racked, wracked, tesseract SAKT resacked, retransact, sacked, transact STRAKT abstract, reabstract SWAKT swacked TAKT attacked, intact, contact, reattacked, recontact, tact, unattacked TRAKT attract, detract, distract, extract, contract, protract, retract, subtract, tracked, tract, untracked ZAKT exact, inexact, transact

You'd never guess I'm an autodidact
So many secrets inside me -- like a tesseract
Learning on your own's not science -- it's inexact
And I don't know what I don't know -- like an ignorance cataract!