Friday, January 09, 2015


2015 01 09 "Accolade" #OW

An accolade is an award.

An accolade could look like a trophy, or it could be invisible.

An accolade makes a clanging sound when you drop it on the floor.

An accolade smells like metal.

An accolade feels cold and hard.

An accolade tastes like copper.

Rhymes with Accolade: A allayed, D deep-laid, defilade, delayed, E enfilade, escalade, F fusillade, GR grillade, I inlaid, interlaid, L lade, laid, M marmalade, O overlaid, P parlayed, pistolade, R relade, relaid, relayed, U underlaid, unlade, unlaid

I won an accolade
For the way I drive my Escalade
It's gold inlaid
I like to dip it in marmalade.