Thursday, December 11, 2014

You Are In Jail

"You Are In Jail"

You look around
Your hands are bound
It happened so fast
It's now; not your past
It was last night
They read your rights
It was a nightmare
But now, you're still there
No buttons, no coat
Thank God, there's no moat
No proof, not much
But the cops claim, enough
Watch out -- the shower
Don't let'em overpower
No more long drives
To get out, you'll strive

You can hear it in the quiet, quiet
You can feel that there's no way home, way home
The screw says lights out, lights out
You are in jail, true jail
You are in jail

Morning, this place
They punched your face
They stole your shirt
Your face, it hurts
"Free me!  Let me go!"
When're you out? Don't know!
One step, you lurch
Wish you were in church
You miss the sidewalks
The freedom to talk
One night you wake
Cellie strikes your face
Pauses, then hits
Calls you his bitch
And you knew you failed
'Cause you're in jail!

And here you are
He makes you bend over, kneel down and down
He takes your behind, you frown and frown
And you get it now why they scream and shout and pout
And you'll spend your whole life tryin' to bust out