Monday, December 29, 2014


2014 12 29 "Relay" #OW

Among other things, a relay is a type of race.

A relay can look like people running around a track handing each other stuff.

A relay sounds like runners grunting as they try to go as fast as they can, their shoes kicking up dust from the track.

A relay smells like sweat.

You shouldn't try to touch a relay, because the collision would probably be painful.

Don't taste a relay, either.

Rhymes with : A allay, B belay, Beaujolais, Bordelais D
delay, F forelay, forlay, H haole, I inlay,
interlay, K cabriolet, kantele, coulée, L
lai, lay, M Malay, Mandalay, melee, mislay,
O olé, outlay, overlay, P parlay, Pelée,
pis-aller, pourparler, R Rabelais, relay,
reveillé, rissolé, rokelay, roundelay, SH
Chevrolet, U underlay, unlay, unplay, V
virelay W waylay

We ran a relay
In honor of Rabelais
It happened today
You should have been there while it was still under way!