Wednesday, December 31, 2014


2014 12 31 "Play" #OW

Play is the act of having fun by doing various playful stuff.  A play is also a dramatic presentation on stage.

Play looks like fun.

Play sounds like children screaming and laughing.

Play feels like running around and laughing.

Play smells like excitement.

Play tastes like ice cream.

Rhymes with play: B byplay, D display, endplay, F fair play, foreplay, photoplay, foul play, fun play, H horse play, I interplay, M misplay, O overlay, P Passion play, R replay, S satyr play, SKR screenplay, ST stage play, U underplay, W wordplay

Today would be a day to play
So long as all engage in fair play
I don't mind a little horse play
But I'm not about to read a screen play or watch a stage play.