Sunday, December 21, 2014


2014 12 21 "Leaf" #OW

Leaves are biological solar converters for feeding plants and later animals.  They help trees to survive and thrive and can also provide shelter for animals.

The leaves change color in the fall and fall off the trees in time for winter.  Wet leaves make a wet leafy sound.  Dry leaves make a sharp, crackly sound.

Leaves can be green, brown, red, and a bunch of other colors.  They either look hale and hearty or sickly (if the caterpillars eat holes in them).

Dry leaves feel like dry pre-dirt.  Wet leaves feel like wet, clammy pre-dirt.  They smell that way, too.

I rarely eat leaves -- they don't seem to have much taste.

Rhymes with leaf: beef deef fief grief leaf queaf reef sieve thief

I'm gonna turn over a new leaf
It's just a way to bury my grief
I think I'll visit a coral reef.
Reef.  Reef!  What are you -- deef?!