Tuesday, December 23, 2014


2014 12 23 "Insomnia" #OW

Insomnia is a condition of having difficulty falling or staying asleep through the night.

If you have trouble sleeping, try reducing caffeine -- look up the 4 hour body and Tim Ferriss for more ideas on sleep;  Huffington Post also has some articles.

When you have insomnia you see a lot of nothing in the dark and you see more stuff if you leave the lights on.  But if you're leaving the lights on that could be contributing to your insomnia.

You hear plenty that you'd rather not hear.

Smells don't really stand out.

You feel the pillows as you punch them over and over trying to get them fluffy enough to let you sleep.

You shouldn't be eating in the middle of the night, anyway, so taste should not be a factor.

Rhymes with insomniac: AK A aphrodisiac, ack-ack, ammoniac, amnesiac, B bivouac, D demoniac, dipsomaniac, Dyak, Dionysiac, E egomaniac, elegiac, H haemophiliac, hypochondriac, I ileac, iliac, insomniac, K cardiac, Kodiak, KL kleptomaniac, M maniac, megalomaniac, monomaniac, N nymphomaniac, O oomiak, P pyromaniac, Pontiac, S sacroiliac, sal ammoniac, coeliac, symposiac, Z zodiac

Why am I so insomniac?
Does it have to do with the Zodiac?
I'd rather be a kleptomaniac!
O, Let me sleep or have a heart attack!