Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I'm a Cunning Linguist

"I'm a Cunning Linguist" #JSLAY

Oh, I'm a cunning linguist
Just caused another scene twist
My clever tongue
Got it all undone
At lunch with another Screamin' Wet Betty
She wanted it, she was so ready
It was on, headin' for some strange
But I've managed to make it too strange...

Chalk up another one
To my twisty tongue
Daddy once said, "Think before you talk,"
Talking too much'll make 'em wanna walk!
Before it got started it's already done
Unless I find a clue
Find something better to do.

Then I licked my lips
and I smiled really big
Said, "Sorry to be such a stupid pig,"
She laughed and tilted her head
That's when I knew our chances weren't yet dead
I realized if I sang a better song
She be mine tonight, at least till dawn.

Gotta learn to play it cool
Don't let her learn I'm such a tool
Keep the chattin' down till we're in bed
That's how to win the game -- come out ahead
Next time it happens ever again
Gonna be Cary Grant or better yet John Wayne

Don't live with regret
Don't live a life of wist
First get her in bed
Then be a cunning linquist!