Friday, December 19, 2014


2014 12 19 "Guitar" #OW

A guitar is a stringed musical instrument
John Mellencamp suggests that you play guitar
Guitars can be made of wood or metal or plastic
They can be fairly light or fairly heavy
Sizes can vary
A guitar can look brand new or be beat up with grafitti or stickers
You can pick with your fingers or use a guitar pick
You have to tune up the guitar regularly and change strings a lot
You can smuggle guns or drugs in the guitar case
Maybe you use a guitar strap
Lots of women makes lots of sacrifices to support guitar players, regardless of their actual level of skill or talent
Of course, a talented guitar player can bring a lot of emotion out of that little collection of curves and strings and make some amazing sounds
I've never licked a guitar so I couldn't tell you how they taste

Rhymes with guitar: bitter fritter hitter jitter litter pitter Qatar sitar sitter titter twitter witter

Paul liked to play guitar
George learned to play sitar
John's son seems bitter
Are you gonna post this poem to Twitter?