Saturday, December 20, 2014


2014 12 20 "Gloves" #OW

My gloves smell like dog because I pet her while wearing them.
My gloves are made of this weird material -- they're only about a year or so old but the lettering has already worn off
I have the hardest time finding good quality gloves that stay dry when it's wet and keep my fingers warm when the temperature is below 30 degrees Fahrenheit
Sometimes I think I'd prefer mittens to keep my fingers warm but actually I need more dextrous gloves so I can manipulate stuff with my fingers
I can clap with my gloves to make a sharper sound than when not wearing them
Sometimes I pull the gloves off with my teeth -- they're pretty tasteless

Rhymes with glove: above cove dove gov guv hove' love move prove shove stove tove wove

I rage, I rattle, I shake my glove
I vent my anger to the heavens above
Oh, Lord, why forsake me, why take my love?
I was ever the warrior hawk, but she the innocent dove!