Friday, December 05, 2014


"Fine" (abandoned)

You were skittish, you were like a doe
At first I didn't see you, didn't see your steel
You were slow to trust me, though,
Asked, "Are you a good man, can this be real?"

Do you remember, we were at the movie?
I bought you popcorn, bought you a soda
At first you blew me off, were not talking to me
But on the ride home you said this in my Toyota:

My daddy was not a good man, not a good father
It's hard for me to trust men, but for the first time
I see why two people bother
You're a good man, make me feel fine...

You opened up to me, I can tell you this
I saw your lips soften, felt your ice melt
That was our first night, our first kiss
Getting into you was the best way I ever felt.