Saturday, December 27, 2014


2014 12 27 "Buffet" #OW

A buffet is a meal at a restaurant in which you are allowed to choose your own from an array of choices.

Golden Corral has a buffet, as do many pizza places.  There's a strip mall near Battleground Avenue in Greensboro, NC, that has an Egyptian buffet, a Thai buffet, and an Indian buffet, all within walking distance of each other!

A buffet looks like lots of food.

A buffet sounds like plates and forks clattering.

A buffet tastes like lots of food, from pizza (the good buffets take requests), to Tandoori chicken, to delicious soups and so on...

A buffet smells like lots of found.

A buffet feels like a full stomach!

Rhymes with buffet: café, fay, fey, coryphée, ofay, au fait, auto-da-fé, parfait, pousse-café, rechauffé, Santa Fe

If you like a good buffet
No need to go to Santa Fe
Some even offer a parfait!
Ask your server at your favorite cafe!