Monday, December 22, 2014

Another Land

"Another Land" #JSLAY #TaylorSpliffed

[MALE:] Your skin like porcelain
My fingers trace your skin -- I won the chase
Another notch on my belt -- another win
You smile at me -- I just guide your head to the pillowcase
I'm a rock star god -- the love kingpin!
You fell for my looks -- not a hair out of place!

[MALE:] Your body is another land
[FEMALE:] I fell for you 'cause you're so fine
[MALE:] Your mind is another land
[FEMALE:] But now I fear I'm losing my mind
[MALE:] Your soul is another land
[FEMALE:] You're oh-so-cruel but never kind!

[FEMALE:] Your flashing lights and siren call
like a whirlygig
Size doesn't matter but I'm so small
and you're so big
Other women -- you want to screw them all --
you're such a pig!

[FEMALE:] Your eyes are searching for another land
[MALE:] That's how I keep the upper hand
[FEMALE:] Your skin feels for another land
[MALE:] That love letter I wrote you was just in sand
[FEMALE:] Your heart beats for another land
[MALE:] Ooooh, baby, ain't "love" grand?

[MALE:] We've got the afternoon
[FEMALE:] It'll be over too soon!
[MALE:] We've got this room for two
[FEMALE:] Oh, baby, love me do!
[MALE:] I'll fill you like the deepest sea
[FEMALE:] Ooooh, "lover," flash those eyes at me!

                             [MALE:] body is
[BOTH:] Your     [FEMALE:] eyes are searching for  [BOTH:] another land
                             [MALE:] mind is
[BOTH:] Your     [FEMALE:] skin feels for [BOTH:] another land
                             [MALE:] soul is
[BOTH:] Your     [FEMALE:] heart beats for [BOTH:] another land...